Rwanda scene

Hotel Rwanda road scene

Hotel Rwanda Road Of Dead Bodies

The director created great suspense in the scene of the road of dead bodies.

The man who gave them supplies knew the road had full of dead bodies but the others didn’t and he tells
He uses mist to not let us and the drivers not see what is making the road bumpy.


Would like to win £5 million and a holiday to Barbados?

Off course you would. You will not like to go to work and school because you are to lazy to get off your butt to go anywhere so no you won’t win the £5 million and a holiday to Barbados.

Moot 2 debate

When belgium took over Rwanda as a colony, they followed the british model of “divide and conquer” They made 2 artificial racial groups: “tutsi” and “hutu”.

The hutu were the majority 80%~ while the Tutsi were the minority 20%~

However Belgium decided that the tutsi had “leadership values”. so they gave them a priviliged status and all the power. much to the resentment of the majority Hutu.

When Belgium left Rwanda, Tutsi minority rule continued for a while. Until the majority Hutu got fed up and retook power through force. That sparked a civil war.

In the midst of a cease-fire, The Hutu presidents plane was shot down. Tutsi rebels were blamed.

Then overnight, hundreds of years of ethnic tension boiled over. The Hutu were enraged, and had enough of the “cochroaches” (their term for tutsi) and went on an all out rampage to once and for all anahilate the hated tutsi.

Moot 2 debate.2

Mostly ethnic tension that was from the Belgium colonization.

In the past, the Tutsi minority was considered the aristocracy of Rwanda and dominated Hutu peasants for decades, especially while Rwanda was under Belgian colonial rule.

Following independence from Belgium in 1962, the Hutu majority seized power and reversed the roles, oppressing the Tutsis through systematic discrimination and acts of violence. As a result, over 200,000 Tutsis fled to neighboring countries and formed a rebel guerrilla army, the Rwandan Patriotic Front.

Beginning on April 6, 1994, and for the next hundred days, up to 800,000 Tutsis were killed by Hutu militia using clubs and machetes, with as many as 10,000 killed each day.

Dear Samantha Taylor,


I am writing in response to the article which outlines the perception of teens as “screen – enslaved social inadequates” by Clive Thompson. In this response I will be opposing some of the ideas given in this article. I feel strongly about this because I am a teenager myself. Therefore, I feel that this is an indirect attack on me and my peers and in this response I will be defending the rights of teenagers to socialise via the use of the internet without being stereotyped. Like you Samantha, I also do not believe that these are all representative of teens.


In your article, the idea is presented that teens cannot distinguish between the “meaningful relationships we foster in the real world” and the general relationships formed through social media. I feel that this is very wrong. In my personal experience I have both friends online and in person which I don’t think the internet strengthens or weakens their meaningfulness. I also feel that it helps to form more meaningful relationships. When you travel you would want to keep in touch with those people and it can also make distant relationships more meaningful, as you can communicate between each other which is better than to forget them.


Another point in your article is that a comedian said “he wouldn’t give his daughters mobile phones for fear they wouldn’t develop empathy”. Empathy is the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing, and he is trying to say that a phone will stop that development. I believe that a simple phone does not remove the capacity to understand emotion, most teens have phones but this does not stop them from understanding how others feel. What are the benefits of not having a phone?


Scientist Susan Greenfield claims that “we could be raising a hedonistic generation who live only in the thrill of the computer-generated moment”  which would refer to most of teens being glued to a mobile device and/or computer screen with no understanding of what is happening in the world. Me personally,I have had a lot of experience with computers and games, but this has not stopped from researching certain event that are happening in the real world. I believe that having the computer generated world help teach people about the event that are arising in the world


The first point I want to say is that you cannot base a whole statement on one person because it will create a biased opinion. You asked a teenage girl how often you text, in my opinion I would of taken a survey of about 200 teenagers, because you’ll get an average reading of how much people text, also teens can differ drastically in what they do, because technology is getting more advanced. More and more people and starting to use them, I am aware of how much people use social media, texts and calls, but if you are able to communicate with other people without having to travelling it would be easier. that is why most businesses are starting to form online online.


Another point is that teens are still going through a stage of development and will sometimes follow a crowd of people doing a certain thing to fit in, in this case there is and growing case of teens (and adults) on social media, but an important thing is to not let one group of people affect your views on the rest of the society Some of the most successful people out there such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs started out but doing things on the internet and through that it spread like a virus with hundreds of thousands of people following them in their footstep and if you look at the amount of successful businesses that are online sometimes it could have been teens that started it up Just because it can effect a SINGLE person, that shouldn’t let you talk down to everyone else.


IGCSE Writing to Respond

Dear Ms Samantha Taylor,

I am writing to you as I agree that not all teenagers cannot socialize and are not enslaved social inadequate or digital natives. Further on in this letter I will be discussing that teenagers socializing on their phones has made a major positive mark and that is not making them emoticon-addled zombies.

At the start of your article Jonathan Franzen says ‘I ASK a teenage girl, how often do you text? About 250 times a day’ It is quite a small sample to make a big statement, as it is only one person and you did not think about, when she goes to school and wants to catch up with friends from outside of her school or why she actually does text 250 times a day Probably that she is not allowed to go out to see her friends on school days. Is she told, she can not see anyone until the weekend or only at school. Maybe it is quite a big number but, in my last response to an article about teenagers was about their freedom, someone said that youths should be at home not on the street. They should revising and making sure that they have a bright and better future.

I responded to that saying they should be allowed to go out and be socializing face to face because, they may not have a way to contact their friends so easily, so they go to their friend’s house and socialize there but now, I’m responding to someone about teenagers and that they are unable to have eye contact with someone… even though the adult group is saying that we should stay at home. Now is it our fault? So which one are you reports/parents more concerned about, that youths should not make eye contact with friends on the street and be at home unable to socialize, or teenagers are socializing online too much and do not make eye contact with friends.

I do not understand is that, it is not only teenagers that are bonded to their phones, it’s also adults as well as teenagers. Even though adults are aware that they spend too much time on their phones, they still use it nearly as much as teenagers. The average teenager spends up to nearly 8hrs which is mostly of the rest of the day after school finishes at 3:30, and the average adult spends up to nearly 6hrs a day. The average person checks their phone 110 times a day, which may sound surprising to most people who just mostly checking the time or seeing their notifications from messages or other apps.

Another point is that a comedian had said he would not give his daughters a mobile phone, as he fears they would not develop empathy. Firstly Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. So he is saying that giving a phone will stop the development of having or expressing feelings. I see most teen with a phone being more emotional or same with people without phones, but this should not stop them feeling and understanding how others feel. At this moment people are Texting, Snapping and getting them in an instant, whilst think of what you had to do before the first mobile phone was introduced. People would have to send emails and would have to wait 5-10 minutes to receive an email, whilst with a phone it is as quick as a blink. But what would be the benefits without mobile phones and compare it to the positive of them, it seem that it is a balance statement or just leaning either side.

Scientist Susan Greenfield says ‘We could be raising a hedonistic generation, who live only in the thrill of the computer-generated moment’ which refers to teens being attached to their electronic with no understanding of what is happening in the real world. From my point of view I am quite glued to my technology, but I’m still aware of what is going on around me and what is happening around us, ‘ISIS being a terrorist threat and that the US and UK army are trying their best to stop them from getting out and making a bigger threat to all. And that the new Apple watch is out the IWatch which seems to be the biggest technology news…’ See I am still aware of these events but I just do not take any notice in them.

To finish, all teenagers are still going through the stage of development seeing that technology is their life and realise that they soon have to et a job to then, get out of their parents house to the make a great family. Sometimes they may follow the crowd , doing things just to fit in as social media making them look really bad as the failing generation, even though they are the future and we rely on them to make it better. So as they grow up and are guided the right way they can make a big event just like, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who started from the internet and like a virus they names were spread everywhere and now are the most inspirational people to look up to. All teenagers are just waiting for that spark like everyone else as they are all individuals and unique from anyone else to make their mark in the world…

IGCSE Writing to Argue

Slang does not sabotage or damage teenagers vocabulary but give them another way of communicating.

Slang does not sabotage or damage teenagers vocabulary. Slang does not create teen’s language to become saturated and not able to survive in the real world. If saying that another language is sabotaging their English language and vocabulary, that means you’re saying that when us teenagers learn to speak another language. That is saturating their vocabulary. What irritates me is that when “youths” speak to each other, in the way we do it’s different to the way we speak normally with our parents. So please don’t judge us by our cover! If you have anything good to say, don’t say it behind our back, in fact don’t say it at all. Have the consideration to talk to us face to face. That we want to speak the way how we want to, you might as well take the freedom to talk and stand up for ourselves,  I’m speaking for the teenagers of today, why we should be able to talk how we want to or speak slang or ‘colloquialism’.

Some adults and teenagers say that slang is not sabotaging their language and vocabulary because, they are trying to be different, and they don’t want to be like their parents. When teens use slang they feel different and unique. When people listen in they won’t understand because, they don’t know our slang or their slang is different from where they’re from because slang is varied from different countries like: Spain, America, Ireland. Another reason why adults that used slang when they were young because all the words they used have now been developed over time from ‘u alrigh’ to ‘cool’ or even a nod of the head or sometimes a pat on the back, it changes from time to time. People try to speak slang and say something that has been changed overtime that might be something bad and could turn out unacceptable.

When I am with my friends I change the way I talk to them compared to the way I speak with my family. When I’m talking to my friend sometimes we overlap each other or interrupt each other when they are just about to speak, not because we are being rude or ignorant or we are arguing. But if we interrupt it is because, we are talking about a topic that is normally heard and we like to hear about. When I am with my family such as my parents there is no overlapping or interruption and all my words are emphasized, I mean we say our t’s in ‘that’ and we pronounce our ‘th’ in ‘them or the’ instead of not pronouncing them correctly. When I am with my friends they understand we don’t pronounce most words correctly, but with adults they like to hear all the corrections and see that we show intelligence.


Teenagers today say that English is ‘Too long!’ boring or dull.The reason why teens use slang is to be creative, so they thought lets simplify English.When texting of putting ‘what are you up to?’ you can put ‘Wuu2’, they also abbreviated short words;

You – U

Why – Y

To or too – 2

They made talking so much more creative and fun not boring, dull or grey.

Why do you adults only notice now that is used or as you say ‘teenagers that are ill-equipped to survive in the real world’ or ‘slang is sabotaging teenager’s vocabulary’. When my dad was my was younger, he was speaking slang like it was his first language, which is of course English but they treated it differently to be unique and not to be like adults. He got colloquialism from his friends and might of got some from his parents so it means that slang, was used long before he was born is well. When North America was not as developed as it is now, for example Texas, when it was just sands cottages and cowboys, they spoke differently to how they do now, Hello was ‘Howdy’, ‘fixin’ta’ was I’m ready and ‘Dag nab it!’ was an expression of swearing without cursing. Adults only notice it now because some of the words we use sound ridiculous and out of this world, like we come from a different planet.

To conclude that slang is not sabotaging teenager language or vocabulary because everyone has used it before, even before the mobile phone developed texting. So Wuu2, lol, R u awake it still counts as slang or not proper English because; it is not the Queens English. If you take slang away from us now you are rewriting history, you might as well take your teenage life away because everyone in the world has used slang. When we get older we will lose it because we are becoming more mature in life, we’re not 12 or 16 any more we are 25 with a girlfriend and a job, that pays the bills living in a decent apartment. So let the younger people use colloquialism “slang” to be in their lives and let them choose the option of having their youth and then grow up and be mature. Or become a boring adult before they even leave school, and that is why teenagers should use slang or why teenagers use slang?

IGCSE Creative Writing

As the gentle cool winds travel along my face, its touch was cold. I had a cold chill down my spine. As I breathe in slowly I get that cold sensation down my chest, just like when you have mint gum in your mouth. The air was fresh, fresh like its never been touched before. As I was sat down on the wooden bench, I looked around, the children playing dangerously on the swings, their parents watching them like a hawk looking for prey and the elderly, chatting away with each other moaning about how rubbish their care home is, and how government aren’t helping them at all. That all changed, my name is Josh and I’ll tell you how life has now all changed.

The date was April 7th 2468, where you think we would have made peace… well we didn’t, since North Korea attacked South, and tore apart North America from South destroying Guatemala. That is when my life all had changed; I was working for the Military’s Official Extraordinaries also known as M.O.E. I had just woken up and as I sit up my phone rings ‘¡Rrrriiinng!’ It was a private number, I groaned ‘Hello, who is it?’ they replied ‘Well, hello there Drake do you remember me?’ I coughed to clear my throat ‘How did you get my…’ ‘There’s no time to speak meet me at Jade park 1300 hours we’ll speak more, then.’ The phone cuts off.

It was 1305, I have been sitting here waiting in the middle of the park, where the trees branch together in a dome shape, and a fountain pouring out clear water. It was 1320 so I left the park making my way home, whilst I crossed the road, I looked back to see if anyone was there, a familiar figure walked out and I started to walk faster, it noticed. I went through shops and alley ways to lose it, but it kept on following me, I went through a café and straight out the back into another alley but this time a dead end, I looked back it was not there, I crouched in tiredness and looked down and heavily puffed. I stood up and looked around turning my body quickly, looking all around me, I turned back to go and it stood in front of me, I jumped and shuffled back quickly against the wall. It just stood there and stared at me `I think. ` I asked “Who are you?” it replied deeply “Can you not recognise me…Josh” “How do you know my name?” I asked in confusion, the stranger took of the hood, I recognised the mark on his hand, it was Jackie a Commander from North Korea. I asked in shock “Why are you here?” He replied with a smirk on his face “I came for you… to get revenge” I struggled to get out making a last run for it but, one hit me on the head with a plank of wood, knocking me unconscious.

I wake up in some sort of warehouse where I can hear seagulls squawking away, and smells like fish and warm which made the smell a whole lot intense. Out of the shadows came Kin Lee leader of the Old Japan Empire. He spoke in a deep and evil voice “I see you have mate my nephew Jackie.” I reply in frustration “Where am I you meatball?!” He throws his glass on the floor shattering into pieces. “All you need to know is that where you’re going, no one can hear you scream” I was strapped to a 20ft tall metal rocket. “It’s time for us to depart, I mean you…” As he laughs walking away from the launching rocket and slams the warehouse doors behind him.

BEEP BEEP BEEP TEA MINUS 3 MINUTES TILL LAUNCH OFF……… Looking around in struggle trying to find a piece of shard , there was one in between my feet trying to bring it towards me, trying to turn and as a grab the shard TEA MINUS 1 MINUTES…… slicing the rope with the glass holding it with one hand, finally cutting the rope and making a run towards the doors lock from the other side, so I decided to jump through the window making a great escape. As I look around for Kin Lee seeing him drive off as Jackie looks back at the rocket, launching off, I say to myself ‘Why did he want revenge, and what did I do this… ’


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